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Why new home buyers need a New Homes Ombudsman.

The quality of new homes is getting worse as housebuilders show contempt for their customers by refusing to tackle the issues in their poor quality, defect-ridden new homes. This government has bent over backwards to help the house building industry, … Continue reading

New Homebuyer’s Right to Pre-Legal Completion Inspection

The New Homes Quality Board [NHQB] – Code of Practice Pre Completion Inspection Requirement 2.8 & 2.11 (C) The stand out  requirement of the New Homes Quality Board’s Code of Practice is the  right for new homebuyers – or their … Continue reading

New Homes Quality Code of Practice

House builders’ new Code of Practice The New Homes Quality Board [NHQB] “championing quality new homes and Better consumer outcomes” “Code of Practice” – “New Homes Quality Code” – “House Building Consumer Code”-  “The Code”  call it what you like, … Continue reading

The Chameleon Consumer Code for Home Builders now plan their own “Ombudsman”

New Homes Ombudsman – Who is running the show? The zombie Consumer Code for Home Builders just doesn’t realise it’s dead yet. Just what is going on?  Who is running the show? Is the housebuilding industry’s tail wagging the government … Continue reading

Weak Mortar In Taylor Wimpey New Homes

The great weak mix mortar scandal – Part Three My first article highlighted the weak mortar scandal and the reasons why the industry has now widely adopted factory manufactured ‘just add water’ mortar, along with technical reasons which might explain … Continue reading

Weak mortar – Britain’s crumbling new homes

The great weak mortar scandal – Part Two Following my first article  exposing the weak mortar scandal, many more new homebuyers have contacted me. It would appear this issue is both widespread and serious. Whatever causes their mortar to crumble, sometimes … Continue reading

No Problem With New Home Quality Says HBF Stewart Baseley

Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman of HBF interview on BBC Radio 4 Today – Saturday 11 February True to form the Home Builder’s Federation [HBF] the industry’s PR and lobby group, conducts a perfect whitewash on the facts as their executive … Continue reading

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Risk In New Homes

Is your new home killing you? The shocking truth is, any new home built since 2000 that has a gas central heating boiler could be lethal. There is now widespread recognition that systems with concealed twin extended boiler flues, pose a significant risk … Continue reading

Bovis give buyers £3,000 cash incentives to move into unfinished new homes.

Just when I think there isn’t anything else this industry can shock me with – coverage in the national press has revealed that Bovis Homes offered “bribes” of up to £3,000 to their buyers if they legally completed or moved … Continue reading

Commons Debate Leasehold New Houses Scandal

“The PPI of the house building Industry” The APPG for Leasehold and Commonhold Reform managed to secure a debate in the commons chamber on Tuesday 20th December 2016 to discuss the leasehold new houses scandal. With 53 APPG members, it … Continue reading