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APPG Inquiry Into Quality Of New Homes

APPG Inquiry Second session: – What we suggested. The majority of those that made submissions to this APPG inquiry into the “Quality of New Build Housing in England” were from either commercial organisations or institutions with a vested interest in … Continue reading

Attending The APPG Inquiry Into The Quality of New Build Housing in England

The All Party Parliamentary Group for “Excellence in the Built Environment” was formed in July 2010. The group is chaired by Oliver Colvile MP, with Nick Raynsford and the Earl of Lytton acting as vice-chairmen. The latest APPG Inquiry is … Continue reading

Summary Of Proposals To Ensure Better Quality New Homes.

Well it was about time something was done regarding the dire quality of new homes built  in the UK and the total indifference shown by the housebuilders to even begin address the thousands of defective new homes handed over to their … Continue reading

Three star Persimmon homes get off lightly on BBC Watchdog 21 May 2015

“Why choose Persimmon?”  it says their website. Why indeed. It remains a complete mystery to me why anyone in his or her right mind would actually choose to buy a new home from Persimmon. Especially when they can choose to … Continue reading

Number of new homes built in 2014 up just 8 per cent to 118,760

The latest figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government report the 137,000 new homes were started in 2014 – a 10% increase on the previous 12 months. The total of just 118,760 new homes completed in the … Continue reading

HBF Satisfaction Survey shows number of buyers reporting defects as high as ever

HBF New Home Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2019 So the latest 2019 new home customer satisfaction survey results have finally been published by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) – six months after the survey year ended on 30 September 2018. … Continue reading

Persimmon Launches Homebuyer Retention Policy

Persimmon announce 1.5% homebuyer retention policy In a blaze of positive publicity, under headlines such as “Persimmon homebuyers can withhold money until faults fixed” (well not exactly); the housebuilder everyone loves to hate, has launched what is claimed will be … Continue reading

Housing Redress Consultation – Government finally publish response

The wait is over the results are in, and the winner is…… the new homebuyer! Housing redress consultation After what has seemed an eternity and without any explanation for the nine-month delay, the Government published its response to the ‘Strengthening … Continue reading

Why is the Conservative government dragging its heels over housing reform?

Why is the Conservative Government dragging its heels over housing reform? Amongst a great government fanfare, the then DCLG Secretary Sajid Javid published the twice delayed Housing White Paper on 7 February 2017 entitled “fixing our broken housing market” At the … Continue reading

Consumer Code for Homebuilders – Causing the Confusion!

So much for “Clearing the confusion” the Consumer Code for Home Builders (CCHB) appears to be creating it with its latest webpage purporting to “answer” consumer’s questions following the government announcement last month that a statutory new homes ombudsman was being created. … Continue reading