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Why do so few new homebuyers complain and go public?

This was a question I was asked at the APPG last November. Surely, if there was a real problem with the quality of new homes, why is it that so few actually complain and go public with their experiences? It … Continue reading

APPG push for Implementation of New Home Inquiry Report Recommendations

It has been nearly three months since the APPG Inquiry Report Into the Quality of New Homes was published along with its recommendations on 13 July 2016. After some not inconsiderable enquiring to the APPG MP’s, I was contacted by Helen … Continue reading

Defective Taylor Wimpey new home causes injury to 10-year-old girl

Enough is enough! What will it take before government finally acts, not only to end the misery faced by the majority of people that buy new homes, but also to drastically reduce the likelihood of another death caused by a … Continue reading

APPG Inquiry – ten recommendations to improve the quality of new homes

The All Party Parliamentary Group Inquiry Into the Quality of New Homes In England has made ten recommendations and says house builders should be “upping their game and putting consumers at the heart of the business model. Alongside this, Government … Continue reading

More homes – Fewer complaints : APPG Inquiry Report

MPs call for the DCLG to set up a New Homes Ombudsman in APPG Inquiry Report published on 13 July 2016. At long last seven months after the last evidence session on 14 December 2015, the All Party Parliamentary Group … Continue reading

Preliminary announcement of findings and recommendations of the APPG Inquiry into the Quality of New Build Housing in England

The waiting is nearly over.   Its official!  The New Home Ombudsman is coming! A culmination of two years’ campaigning and ten years dedicated work highlighting the plight of UK new homebuyers. I spoke. They listened! The APPG Inquiry report is being … Continue reading

Reasons why new homebuyers should never use the house builder’s choice of solicitor

It can be tempting to use the solicitor that the house builder’s helpful, friendly sales advisor suggests. Buyers could be moving to a new area or they may never have needed a solicitor before. Whilst it is not generally a … Continue reading

No Regulator or Ombudsman for complaints about house builders

It is not just house building that has dissatisfied customers. However,  most other industries have an Ombudsman and official Regulator. If you bought a new home in the last ten years, the following statements will have a familiar ring to … Continue reading

The Consumer Code For Home Builders Is Failing New Homebuyers

Close examination of the 2015 published case studies for Consumer Code for Home Builders Adjudication Scheme (CCHBAS) shows exactly what is wrong with the house building industry. It is now time for a New Homes Ombudsman to independently deal with … Continue reading

Interview For BBC Radio 4 “You and Yours” On New-Build Homes

Broadcast on Wednesday 2 March 12.15pm Can we start by you telling our listeners a little about yourself? I worked in construction management for 35 years. Having retired; I now provide help, advice and information for UK new homebuyers through … Continue reading