Why most UK home buyers would NOT buy a home built after 2003


Three-quarters of the British public would never buy a home built in the last 10 years.
That is the finding of a 2010 YouGov poll carried out on behalf of the RIBA as part of their study into the ever decreasing size of UK new homes, now on average 80% smaller than an equivalent European Union new home.
One in four home buyers would avoid any home built in the last 10 years.

There are many reasons given but overwhelmingly the most common is that new homes are just too small and too dark.
There are also many other Disadvantages.

The RIBA Case for Space study found that buyer’s priorities vary with 69% saying that a high level of natural light was important to them.
A further 51% confirmed that room size was the most important factor when looking to buy a home.
Outside space was important to 47%.
Privacy to 49% and the appeal and look of the street or estate being important to 43%

It is therefore no surprise that the following reasons were given why those surveyed in the Future Homes Commission’s Report (September 2011) would choose not to buy a new home:
* Lack of storage space
* Lack of privacy from neighbours
* Poor sound insulation
* Lack of outdoor space
* Not enough space in rooms
* Small windows/not enough natural light
* Inflexibility of spaces for communal and private living or for future changes in the

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One Response to Why most UK home buyers would NOT buy a home built after 2003

  1. Some more comments made by the British public about new homes. Anyone thinking of buying a new home should consider they will have more difficulty selling, as any potential buyer will have to come to terms with these negative points. What some people thought about new homes:

    “New houses built too close together it is impossible to erect a tower scaffold or use a ladder at the right safe angle for maintenance.”

    “Parking is a major issue. Even if you have a drive (rare these days) they are not large enough for anything bigger than a small car. It can be impossible for the driver or passengers to get out. ”

    “Restrictive covenants mean you cannot erect fence on front garden such as it is or park commercial vehicles in your own driveway (if they would fit!)”

    “I prefer houses built in the 80’s, more spaced out with larger rooms and not so overlooked.”

    “Garages with new homes are too small for most cars. ”

    “Buyers cannot get their furniture upstairs in narrow townhouses. One builder even provided a “free crane” incentive to lift sofas up to second floor Juliet balcony. Cranes and forklifts will not be there when it is time to move out!”

    “House builders don’t care about building homes just building profits.2

    ” New build homes are built worse than movie sets.”