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With  greater protection for those that buy them!

The only way the housebuilding industry will change for the better, is if enough people sign this petition. This Government is pre occupied with its blinkered approach to increasing quantity of new homes being built, throwing billions of taxpayer’s money at housebuilders in the process. Just last week another £5bn was earmarked for an industry that cares so little for its own customers and the quality of the product they sell.

APPG Inquiry ReportAn all party group of MPs had an Inquiry last year Into the Quality of New Homes. The Inquiry Report made ten recommendations, including the number one “key recommendation” the setting up of a New Homes Ombudsman. All of the recommendation have the potential to not only force housebuilders to improve the quality of the homes they build, but also give those that buy new homes better protection via access to a New Homes Ombudsman.petitionWe have been here before with the Barker Review of 2004, Office of Fair Trading Market Study of Home Building in the UK October 2008, and now more recently the APPG Inquiry 2016. Yet surprisingly, there has not been any legislation to force this failing industry to improve.

But the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is not listening.

Despite the over-whelming evidence, thus far, the Government is ignoring the problem of poor quality new homes. Is the Government worried that imposing new regulations on the large housebuilders could result in a backlash and a slowing down of the already inadequate levels of production, reducing the number of homes built? Perhaps.

But a large and increasing number MPs are well aware of the problems their new home buying constituents are experiencing on developments such as Taylor Wimpey’s Loddon Park, poor quality, basic preventable defects and a total indifference to sorting them out. But an individual MP is all but powerless to do anything to force through new legislation. They can only enter the lucky-dip “ballot” for Private Members Bills. Even if they are successful in getting one of around 20 slots, they could be pressured by Government whips to use their slot for shoe-horning in a bill for government ministers.


So all we can do as voters, is force the Government to respond (if 10,000 sign) and hopefully debate (100,000 to sign) the implementation of the ten APPG Inquiry Report recommendations. But only if enough people sign this petition! It is that simple.

The response to the petition thus far is as disappointing as it is surprising. For example despite all the issues buyers have with their new homes and Taylor Wimpey at Loddon Park, just 8 out of 200 buyers have signed thus far. After three weeks (23 left to go) only 280 have signed.

Calling all new home ‘moaners’, why haven’t you signed this petition?

Most new homebuyers choose not to go public with their experiences for various reasons. But by choosing to ignore this petition, it could send the wrong message to those that can re balance the new home landscape giving buyers better protection and higher quality new homes for generations to come.

Please sign the petition (it will only take a minute) here is all that is involved:
  • Click on the link
  • Tick the Box “I am a British citizen or UK resident”
  • Add your name
  • Add your e mail address   (this is used for verification purposes only)
  • Add your Postcode            (this is used for the constituency map only)
  • Click “Continue”
  • Click “Yes this is my e mail address”
  • Then check your email and click the link in the e mail that Petitions: UK Government and Parliament send you to sign this petition. Please note: You have not signed until you click the link in the email.

Finally, please e mail the Petition link it to everyone in your address book and share with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Change will only occur if enough people stand up and demand it. Today’s badly-built new home is tomorrow’s old home. The issue of poor quality, sub-standard defective new homes will affect everyone sooner or later.

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